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Core Values

Accepting People

We want to be a church that is known for being friendly and loving. We are genuinely interested in others. We want to see others through the eyes of Christ. We don’t want to be judgmental or critical. We want to love others with the love of Christ.

Making Disciples

We want to be a church that seeks to win the lost and bring back those who have strayed away from God. We want to teach others to follow Christ, teach them and develop them to become more like Christ. This will be an intentional process of investing in the lives of individuals. We will lead by example and encourage others to do the same.

Pursuing Integrity

We want to be a church that is genuine, authentic and honest. We will treat others with respect. We will hold one another accountable to the commands and principles of The Word of God. We will seek to live above reproach. We will be wise in the way we handle the finances of the church.

Creating Community

We want to be a church that places importance on relationships. We will seek to provide a nurturing environment that promotes love and unity. We will care for one another and invest in each other’s lives. We call this “doing life together”. We will provide opportunities for sharing and fellowship. We will encourage everyone to be a part of a weekly “Life Group”. We will also seek to promote our church positively by reflecting Christ to our city.

Planting Churches

We want to be a church that is open to church planting. It has been our desire from the beginning to take The Great Commission of Jesus literally. We will be intentional about planting churches. We will look for where God is working and pray for direction in how we are to proceed. We will pray that God will send godly leaders who have a heart for the lost and want to see His kingdom advance. We will send volunteers to assist in church planting. We will equip and empower leaders to use their talents and gifts for the glory of God. This will be a regular part of our vision casting. We will also support local church planting networks on a monthly basis.

Latest Sermon

Meet Pastor Mark

Pastor Mark serves as our main teaching pastor for Encounter. He also serves the local community as a guidance councilor at Friendship Christian School.

When not serving in the local Lebanon area, he travels with global outreach programs.

Meet Steve Branson

Steve Branson grew up in the midwest surrounded by music. After completing his undergraduate work at the University of Missouri, he moved south to Nashville, TN. While obtaining a Master’s Degree and later a Doctoral degree, Steve and his wife began expanding their family. With two daughters and three sons, he and his wife continue to reside in middle Tennessee.



The same love for music that began in the midwest also traveled with Steve and provided opportunities to write and record music, and perform in several of Nashville’s venues and outside of the state as a touring musician. During the past ten years in middle Tennessee, Steve has been a worship leader/guest worship leader, and speaker at multiple churches, retreats, and camps. His energetic approach towards singing God’s praises is a reflection of his love and thankfulness for his heavenly Father.

Meet Kevin Shaw

Technical Director

Kevin Shaw has served numerous churches for over 30 years assisting with the ongoing needs of technical ministry. He and his wife Amy have two sons, Isaac and Ben who also serve as volunteers at Encounter Church. Kevin’s family owns and operates Shaw Audio Inc which provides products and services to the Nashville music industry.